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Vehicle Transportation Services

When you are shifting your house, your vehicle moves with you . Whether you use a bike or a scooty or a scooter or a car, your new home is not going to be complete unless you have your automobile or your vehicle at your new house. In the ideal case, it should be transported before our goods so you can make a good use of it when you get to your new home.

We have specially designed trucks in our fleet for the purpose of transporting your automobiles. They stack all your vehicles in such a manner that there is no amount of empty space left between the vehicles.

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You must take care not to leave any valuables in your vehicle that is to be transported. Your car should not contain any contraband items like drugs. The engine should be regularly checked before handing over to be shifted so the shifting cannot be held responsible for any anomaly that may be discovered at a later point of time.

At the end of the day, your vehicle is to find itself parked in your new home long before you enter it, if you let us do the shifting work. You are most likely to feel paralysed unless you have your vehicle with you at your new home.