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Long Distance Relocations Services

When you have goods to be transferred between two different cities separated by a vast distance, you can be sure of getting some good and excellent services from us.

Our team of professionals comes to your doorstep to do all the packing of your household goods. You can be sure of getting all the expensive china crockery packed in carefully into containers and packets. We bring all the packing-materials required for the purpose. If you have a centre-table made of glass, and it needs to be shifted, you are going to put in some great care at this end. A couple of curtains might come in handy at this end.

Please contact: +91-9953614760, 9888083211, E-mail: info@expressmoversandpackers.com

Our professionals are the best people to give everything you need. There are always pieces of furniture that need extra care when you require them to be shifted. Your dining-table is likely to have legs that are amenable to damage while being shifted. Our personnel is likely to look into this matter, you can be sure.

Trucks and lories have to be such that they have ample space in them for the purpose of accommodating all your goods and furniture. They have the best of shock-absorbers and tyres that enable them to go over all kinds of pot-holes and speed-breakers without disturbing your goods.