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Corporate Relocation Services

If you own an office that is to be relocated, you can be sure you can count on us for our services. Shifting of offices requires a different set of intricacies from shifting of household goods.

Most of the furniture in offices is tables and chairs. They need some special care and attention while being shifted. There are usually some expensive pieces in offices, and this is where trained staff like the one we have in our folds is going to be of use. There are likely to be a lot of files and papers. They need to be protected from fire and moisture while being transported and moved around.

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The toughest part of shifting offices is the shifting of computer systems and other peripherals. They require some special attention and care. They are very sensitive and fragile, and are amenable to damage. Our staff is particularly trained to handle all these items with a lot of care.

An office is likely to have a couple of printers too. they need to be shifted with care and precision too. they are quite sensitive, and are likely to be damaged easily unless handled with care. Our personnel is trained to handle all your items with the utmost care and precision..